Brew Rebellion is an unusual place. We brew beer in quantities of thirty to fifty gallons at a time. The great thing about this is that we have a tap list that features a revolving, rotating list of six or so beers that are the result of the thought process that Andy, our master brewer, dreams up in collaboration with Brad, our brewery manager and Andy’s partner in crime.
I tell folks that come in to our brewery, that we operate a lot like Costco when it comes to inventory. If you see a special item on a visit there, you better buy it because it may not be there the next time you shop. Our tap list is the same way. While we have our mainstay brews available most of the time, Peach Honey Wheat comes to mind, the Chris Martin Porters, the Chocolate Raspberry Stouts, the Amber Ann Ale just to name a few, grace our menu as they see fit and usually just in time for the moment they are needed.
Brewing in small batches gives our customers an opportunity to have their palates tickled and offer an opportunity for their taste buds to party down. We use fresh, local ingredients whenever possible. We honestly do our best to provide an exceptional product and despite that thought and word being overused by insincere multinational, gigantic companies, we mean it.

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