The two founding members of this amazing endeavor began as homebrewers. They ate their barley, smelled their hops and eventually grew up to be big and strong! After winning a few awards and having accolades from just about every single person who ever drank their beer (they wish), they knew it was a calling and not just a hobby.
Sanctum is the natural extension of the way Jason and Scott live their lives. Their value for community, giving back to those who need it and pursuing excellence in all their endeavors is reflected in Sanctum as a company. “Why can’t we use beer to help the world?” has been a common thought throughout the building process. And that’s why they have decided to consistently give a portion of proceeds to charity. Every pint. Every keg. Every brew . Now every Sanctum drinker can boldly proclaim they are the most generous beer drinkers in the world!
Sanctum exists to be a light in the dreary world. To look mediocrity in the eye and say “no sir, I don’t like it!” To push the limits of what being a craft brewery means, and to look spiffy doing it!

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